I adopted Jake about six months ago. He is an old man, but don't let him in on the secret. From the second I brought him home he owned my house, and he approaches life with the same attitude.

He came with five teeth and is down to two, but again, that stops him from nothing. He loves the car but hates the carrier, so we compromised and when he has to go places it's in a harness. It's his world; he allows me the luxury of loving him.

He is more friendly than my dog, always greeting you by the door. Stranger or not, he has to be on your lap all the time. Due to respiratory issues, he sounds like Darth Vader and snores his way through my favorite TV shows. Sometimes I wake up to snot in my hair from him sleeping next to me. I have not been able to pee alone since I got him.

All in all Jake is a lot of personality, 100% of it outgoing. I wouldn't change a thing about him.

I'm not a cat person, but this cat is a people cat. I am so happy to have the honor of welcoming this senior guy into my heart and home.


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Date Added
February 13, 2019