Animal Abuser Registry

The Albany County Animal Abuser Registry was created in 2011 by an act of the Albany County Legislature known as Local Law K. The registry is hosted by the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society as a service to the public.

Anyone convicted of animal cruelty in Albany County after January 2012 is required to submit information to the Albany County Sheriff's Department. That information is transmitted to MHHS and posted here.

The registry is not retroactive. Convictions prior to the establishment of the registry will not be listed, therefore this is not a comprehensive historical list of all people convicted of animal abuse in Albany County. The information listed here has been supplied by convicted offenders to the Albany County Sheriff and the MHHS does not guarantee accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information contained on the website.

Offenders are required to update their information annually. It is possible that information obtained through this website may not reflect current residences of individuals on the registry. Any individual who believes that information contained in the registry is not accurate should contact MHHS at 518.434.8128 ext 216. Offenders who need to update their own information must do so with the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

Anyone selling, giving away or adopting an animal to another person in Albany County must check the registry prior to any change in ownership. Giving, selling or adopting an animal to a person on the registry is a violation of county law.


Deric Peterson
Name: Deric Peterson
Address: 537 Clinton Ave Bsmt, Albany NY 12206
Convicted July 2018
Nancy Wright
Name: Nancy Wright
Address: 12 Mobdel Mill Rd, Westerlo NY 12193
Convicted July 2016
Daniel Toress
Name: Daniel Toress
Address: 33 Clinton Ave Apt 1, Albany NY 12207
Convicted October 14, 2015
Elijah Cooks
Name: Elijah Cooks
Address: 59 Bonner Ave, Schenectady NY 12304
Convicted August 26, 2015
Howard D. Petersen
Name: Howard D. Petersen
Address: 2316 12th Ave, Watervliet NY 12189
Convicted June 3, 2015
Anthony Walker
Name: Anthony Walker
Address: 105 Mount Hope Dr, Albany NY 12202
Convicted August 13, 2013