What We Do

We offer wellness services for cats and dogs at our Menands and Saratoga locations.

Wellness includes vaccinations, a brief exam by a veterinary technician, and limited testing for conditions such as feline leukemia/AIDS, heartworm, lyme or other tick-borne illnesses. Please see a full list of our wellness services below. We do not offer diagnostic services, so if your pet is experiencing a medical issue, it should be seen by a full-service veterinarian in your community.

Please see income guidelines listed below to learn if you qualify.

Loved for Life is a collection of programs and services aimed at keeping pets in homes where they are loved.

What are the guidelines and fees for wellness visits?
  • All services require a non-refundable deposit. We will not refund for cancellations or requests to reschedule unless we receive notice no later than two business days before your appointment.
  • Qualification is the same as for spay/neuter services
  • All services are available for pets that have already been spayed or neutered. 
  • Pets that are not spayed/neutered may come for an initial service visit, however, additional visits will only be scheduled once the pet has been spayed/neutered or has an appointment with MHHS for spay/neuter surgery.
Program for Veterans

Together, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and Tri City Rentals are committed to helping veterans adopt and care for their pets by providing high-quality care and support services.

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Income Guidelines

You qualify for low-cost pricing if you currently receive public/government assistance, such as: 

Food Stamps - SNAP
Low-income Housing
Social Security Disability Income (SSI)
Other programs not listed
if your income falls at or below one of the categories below:

Household FY2020 Low-Income Limits
1 Person $54,350
2 Person $62,100
3 Person $69,850
4 Person $77,600
5 Person $83,850
6 Person $90,050
7 Person $96,250
8 Person $102,450


Wellness Appointment Fees

Individual Services

Veterinarian Visit (required with service)  | $45

Technician Visit (required with service)  | $25


Note: Only one visit fee is required per visit, regardless of the number of services provided.

Rabies Vaccine 1 or 3 Year (cat or dog)  | $10

Microchip (cat or dog)  | $20


Note: 3-year Rabies Vaccine only available with proof of current vaccine.


Services for Cats
FVRCP Booster or 1 Year (Distemper) | $20

FeLV/FIV Test (Leukemia/AIDS) | $25

Deworming | $10

Flea Treatment | $10

Ear Cleaning/Treatment (meds additional) | $20

Nail Trimming* | $15


Receive a $10 discount on three or more services. Does not include vet or tech visit. 

*Available as an add-on service


Services for Dogs
DAPPV Booster or 1 Year (Distemper) | $20

Heartworm/Lyme 4DX Test | $40

Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough) | $15

Deworming | $15

Flea Treatment | $15

Ear Cleaning/Treatment (meds additional) | $20

Nail Trimming* | $20


Receive a $10 discount on three or more services. Does not include vet or tech visit. 

*Available as an add-on service


We believe one of the kindest things you can do for an animal who is suffering due to terminal illness, injury, or advanced age is to provide a humane end to their suffering through euthanasia. You should discuss your pet's quality of life and prognosis with your veterinarian and, whenever possible, have the service provided by a veterinarian with whom your pet is familiar. 

This service is available by appointment only. Please call 518.434.8128, ext. 210 to make an appointment and to discuss options and associated fees. We have limited appointments available. If the need for euthanasia is urgent and you are unable to reach us, you should go to an emergency animal clinic.

Can I request an appointment?

You may request an appointment by calling 518.434.8128