Surrender for Adoption through MHHS

If you think you may need to give up your own pet, email us here. We will do our best to help you keep your pet, if possible. Please note, it must be your pet.

If relinquishment is the best option for your family, we will schedule an appointment to assess your pet. We can only accept healthy, adoptable pets into our adoption program.

What to expect at the assessment:

  • You will be asked to provide photo ID, recent veterinary records and complete a Pet Profile.
  • An Admitting Counselor will talk to you about the options for your pet.
  • Our Animal Care Team will perform a physical and behavioral assessment of your pet.
    • MHHS cannot place animals for adoption if they have been attack-trained or have a history of aggression or bite history, if they show aggressive or unsociable behavior during the assessment, or if the animal is medically unsuitable for adoption.
    • If your pet has these issues, our counselors will discuss options for rescue, self-placement, and humane euthanasia.
  • If we determine that we can help your pet find a new home, we will schedule a relinquishment appointment as space allows and provide resources, such as food and litter, to help you through the waiting period.

To help offset the substantial cost of caring for a pet, there is a surrender fee of $40 per dog and $25 per cat or small animal.