Offsite Opportunities

Are you looking to help out our animals, but are too young or your busy schedule doesn't allow it? Check out some of the other great ways to help the animals on your own or with friends or coworkers. Offsite hours can be tracked by filling out the Youth Volunteering Hours Log Sheet.


Hold a Wish List Drive

Click on MHHS' current Wish List to find out what supplies are needed and hold a wish list drive to collect those items. Advertise at your school (with permission) or in your neighborhood and find a designated area to collect items. Get a few representatives to take the supplies to MHHS and see the animals who will benefit from your hard work. You can also do specific drives for items such as food, toys or blankets.


Collect Empties for the Animals

Help us with our ongoing fundraising project to help the homeless animals of the Capital Region. You can hold a returnable bottle drive and deliver the cans and bottles to us.


Donate Shoeboxes

Cats love boxes and every kitty gets their own. Having an object they can get into and that becomes a familiar scent helps to alleviate stress while they await new, loving homes. Natural cardboard shoeboxes can be used for small animals. They love to hide in them and sometimes chew them up.


Create Snuffle Mats

A dog's nose and brain were made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff and snort. They were made to WORK! Nose work or snuffing capitalizes on this natural desire to sniff. Dogs' noses have 300 million olfactory receptors that make them 10,000 times better at smelling than humans. By using a snuffle mat, you are tapping into a dog's primal instincts and giving them a job to do. See this video for instructions.


Create Rope Toys

Our Behavior & Enrichment team use rope toys as a crucial step in teaching our mouthy dogs how to play appropriately. You can use fleece, sheets or towels; any kind of linen can work. This video shows a great method to create rope toys for our dogs.