Which cat will reign supreme?
Feline Festmeister Nomination
Oktopurrfest 2022

One cat will preside over our Oktopurrfest celebration on Thursday, October 13. Enter yours below!

Enter Between September 16 and 23, 2022

Think your kitty is Festmeister material? Here are a few FAQs:

  • Who is eligible to be nominated for Festmeister?
    • Living felines of all breeds, makes, models and backgrounds are eligible! We're looking for that magical combination of purr-sonality and cattitude in our fest leader.
  • Does the Festmeister need to be a male?
    • Absolutely not! Festmeister is an overarching, gender-nonconforming title and the Festmeister can be a boy, girl or unassigned.
  • What are the Festmeister's responsibilities?
    • The Festmeister reigns over Oktopurrfest (from the safety and the comfort of their own home, of course). Their family will be asked to provide additional photos and/or video to be shared at Oktopurrfest.
  • How is the Festmeister chosen?
    • A panel of distinguished Oktopurrfest judges will make the decision based on the entry information and photo. So make it purr-suasive!

  • How long is the Festmeister's reign?
    • Each Festmeister holds the title for one year, after which they become a member of the Festmeister Hall of Fame.
  • Any other perks?
    • The Festmeister will be provided with an official Festmeister hat, and their family will receive two tickets to Oktopurrfest plus appropriate swag on Thursday, October 13, 2022.

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