What's Happening

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
5:30-8:30 pm
Brown's Brewing Company's Revolution Hall
425 River Street, Troy

Fest Meister Submissions

Think your kitty deserves to be the Fest Meister? Here are a few FAQs:

  • Who can become the Fest Meister?
    • Any cat that has its human submit an application is in the running to be the Fest Meister. A winner will be chosen through a confidential slate.
  • Does the Fest Meister need to be a boy?
    • Absolutely not! Fest Meister is an overarching non-gender-conforming title, and the Meister can be male, female, altered, or unaltered.
  • What are the Fest Meister responsibilities?
    • The Fest Meister is responsible for being the honorary chair of Oktopurrfest. While they should not be present at Oktopurrfest, they will be asked to create a welcome video to all attendees.
  • How long is the Fest Meister title good for?
    • The Fest Meister will hold the title for one year.

Still think your kitty has what it takes? Apply below!

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