As Search for his Abuser Continues, Deniro Clears First Hurdle with Extensive Jaw Surgery

While Deniro begins his healing process, we are continuing to ask for the community’s help in identifying anyone involved in injuring and leaving this sweet Rottweiler puppy to die in a box in Troy. His jaw was broken and his ribs were fractured in at least seven locations. A good Samaritan brought him to MHHS on Monday, February 7, 2022. On Friday, February 11, Deniro underwent a four-hour surgery to begin to repair his jaw. He has plates on both sides with seven screws on the right and eight on the left holding his little jaw together.

You Can Help by Sharing Information

The cost of Deniro's first jaw surgery and further dental surgeries has been funded by the generosity of so many caring people. Thank you! He'll be in foster care for several months before he's ready for adoption. His foster mom reports that he is a sweet, cuddly, trusting boy and is doing very well.

Please share our Facebook >> posts so we can find those responsible for this unspeakable act of cruelty and bring them to justice so they can never harm another animal again.


Any donations above and beyond those needed for Deniro's medical care, rehabilitation and foster care will be used for other victims of cruelty or those in need of special medical care.





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