Kitten Shower 2024


MHHS Community Room, 12-3 pm

Shhh! Can you hear it? Is that the tiny pitter patter of kitten feet we hear? That must mean one thing....

It's almost time for the Kitten Shower! Help MHHS get ready for kitten season by saving the date for the cutest baby shower you've ever attended. No, not an adoption event -- the Kitten Shower is a family-friendly event to help get MHHS in tip-top shape to help care for the over 600 kittens who will come through our doors in 2024.

There will be stuffed animal adoptions, kittens, a bake sale, kittens, a raffle AND an auction, kittens, specialty non-alcoholic drinks, kittens, foster stories, activities, oh! and kittens!

Save the date. This event is free to attend, but we do ask that you bring an item from our Kitten registry >> to help us get our supply closet in order for the kittens!