Booberry & Hobbs

In December we visited MHHS, looking for a bonded pair of cats or kittens after recently losing our elderly cat. There were lots of families looking at the kittens, so we requested to meet Booberry and Hobbs. MHHS staff indicated that Booberry is very skittish and has been hard to adopt out due to her personality, but she had bonded with Hobbs. She cowered when we visited them, while Hobbs ran around the room. We knew we could give them the home they deserved!

Fast forward two days later, Hobbs (now named Ben) is a lovebug, playing, purring and allowing us to give him scratches. He seems comfortable and happy. Booberry (now named Rose) has also turned a corner! While she's still cautious, she loves to be petted and has started purring. She found a comfy spot near a radiator in a blanket. Neither have shown any signs of fear (hissing, swatting or biting). While we think Rose will always be the one who prefers to find a quiet spot for herself, we are overjoyed that she will be safe and loved by us.

We are beyond grateful to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society staff for being honest about Rose's needs. We were so impressed with every part of our adoption experience at MHHS; we couldn't have asked for better! Thank you for entrusting us with Rose and Ben. We simply adore them and they have helped heal our hearts after losing our sweet Jack, who passed away at age 16 this fall.

Sarahanne, John, Luke & Owen

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Date Added
February 14, 2020