After losing my little cat buddy that we had adopted from MHHS, I knew I wanted to find a new fur friend for our family. I saw a tortie kitten online and thought I would go to visit her. When I got there, I walked past the enclosure of another kitten, a tuxedo named Wednesday. The minute I walked by, she started rubbing her face against the plexiglass of her enclosure. As soon as I saw her, I knew she needed to come home with me. I found out she was actually three years old, and she was seized from a home - which explained why she was underweight, had scratches on her, and was missing patches of fur.

I was advised she could not be adopted until the next day after she healed from her surgery. I showed up right when MHHS opened and I stalked her enclosure. I knew she was the girl for our family. When I finally had a chance to meet her, I knew she was special. The staff at Mohawk Hudson were taking such good care of her to ensure she healed from wherever she had been previously.

After an agonizing wait, I was finally able to adopt her and bring her home. She was immediately sitting on my lap, or any other warm lap she could find. 

We soon realized she was food insecure because she was running for food and scarfing it down. After a couple weeks, she realized she never had to worry about food again. She began gaining weight and her fur started growing back. 

As she began to feel better, she became more confident and independent. I can only imagine what she went through in her first three years. She has doubled in weight, she loves sunning herself on the deck, and she is curious about everything...but there is one problem: SHE LOVES MY HUSBAND MORE THAN ME! (lol)

Thank you, MHHS!

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Date Added
November 14, 2023