I had spent some time looking online for a dog to adopt after we bought our first home. There were so many listed! The more I read the stories, the more I would cry. It had been some time since the loss of my first dog, Spencer, and we really felt that our home needed a dog. After all, "a house is not a home without a dog". For obvious reasons, we wanted to adopt, and so the search began.

Sweetie's ad was one I kept going back to. The name seemed kind of corny to my fiancé, but to look at her picture, you could see where it came from. She was almost smiling in the photo. We just had to meet her to see if she was the one for us. At the time, Sweetie was in foster care - which is the greatest system, I might add- and I had to contact the foster mom to meet Sweetie. Her foster mom was great! She answered all my questions, told me a lot about Sweetie's habits and disposition and was just really accommodating. I emailed her and called her several times. We went to their home to meet Sweetie, and she was right, Sweetie was just the sweetest dog. Very loving and energetic! We made all the arrangements to adopt her. Maryann, her foster mom, was gracious enough to sponsor half of Sweetie's adoption fees. She really made the transition a smooth one, and I felt more confident adopting a dog with some idea of temperament and personality.

Sweetie has adjusted quite well to our home and our family. Our six year old, Cassidy, just loves her. She loves the snow, and chasing acorns as we walk her. Tennis balls are a favorite, as are a peanut butter filled Kong. We have an obedience trainer for Sweetie, and she is a very well behaved girl. We are still working on her leash skills, but making great progress. She is just a super pet and we are very lucky to have found her!


Date Added
April 2, 2006