Another happy ending is Sarge. He was one of 3 elderly dogs, very ill and starved, dropped off at the Shelter to be put to sleep. The woman who brought them in claimed she'd found them in a box on the sidewalk. But they were all 3 so sweet that the Shelter staff (read Barb) fixed them up and fed them and put them on antibiotics. Sarge got his name because he seemed to be the leader of the other 2. He was the sickest, his entire gut full of infection. He almost died. I fostered 2 of the 3 dogs, and Nadine fostered the 3rd. Sarge is now the only one living. He was adopted by a young couple who saw his face on Petfinder, visited him and fell in love. He is now healthy, though elderly, and living with his new family in Albany. I visit him occasionally.

~ Bill (an MHHS Volunteer and foster dad)



Here too is a photo of my foster Lhasa Apso, Wally, sleeping with my foster kitten, Bramble. I figure they look content. 

Date Added
January 8, 2006