I was looking to get a young dog, but the dog I was interested in was not the right fit. I was pretty depressed. After going grocery shopping, my daughter looked at the site and saw Koda. I fell in love. With melting groceries in tow, we zoomed to the shelter. It was very hard to hear that he and his "brother" were found in a dumpster to be thrown out like garbage.

We met Koda and I fell madly in love. My heart melted! The big test was whether our current dog, Light, would get along with him. While waiting in the lobby for Light to arrive for his meet-and-greet, four more people came in to see Koda. I felt so lucky to have gotten there first. Light loved him and I was able to bring Koda home to his new furever family.

Koda's new name is Ramsey and he is an amazing pup. He and Light are like brothers, and he has brought a lot of joy and love to the family.

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Date Added
June 6, 2018