My fiance and I wanted a dog so badly. We felt like having a dog would make our new house feel like a home. We both wanted to adopt a dog in need of a home, so we started checking the MHHS website every day. This went on for weeks. One day we decided to drive to MHHS and just look around. We went almost every day for a week, meeting different dogs, until one day the adoption counselor who had been working with us said he knew the perfect one for us. That's when we met Piper!

Piper was the sweetest and most relaxed dog we had met so far, and was already housetrained. The night we brought her home, she was scared in the back seat so I sat back there with her to comfort her. She sat right on my lap the entire time. When we opened the car door and walked her around her new home, she just lit up. Her whole body was wiggling and she had the biggest Pitbull smile ever as she discovered her new toys, bed and home.

We have had Piper for two months and every day she brings joy into our lives. She loves snuggling with us and playing ball. Piper is such a loving dog that loves giving kisses and sitting on her owners' laps. She is our 52-pound lap dog! She enjoys going on walks and chewing on our socks.

We are so thankful that we were able to find such a perfect dog for us! Thank you, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, for making us a family!

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Date Added
May 31, 2018