Ruby (now Marla) and I met back in December 2012. She had been in the shelter for at least four months. Overweight and shaven from the hips down, no one seemed to take interest.

I walked in to your location. All I could hear was a distinct "meowww" emanating from her cage. With assistance from the staff, I sat with her in the little cat room. She loved attention and just wanted a human. Well, she picked me.

We live in Maine now. She is mostly an indoor cat but loves to sun herself on the porch and roam around in the yard. Occasionally, she brings home a "friend." There seems to be a chipmunk that she keeps catching. They don't hurt each other. She just keeps "hunting" her. Also, she was already declawed when I got her. Sassy as ever and LOVES to tell you about it.

Marla was about 14 to 15 pounds when I got her. She's currently 10 to 11 pounds and in perfect health.


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August 8, 2017