The things I can tell you about my friendly nine-year-old cat Keegan...the things are endless. Keegan had the loudest purr in the Humane Society and greeted anyone who entered his room, despite having unfortunate medical conditions.

When I adopted him, he had multiple stitches due to his left eye being removed because of a tumor, and a cone around his face. About a week after the day I brought Keegan home 2/11/2019, he had his stitches removed and he has rewarded me with purrs, love and companionship.

He cuddles with me at night and greets me in the morning with face nudges and head-butts. It was unknown whether Keegan grew up around other cats, but he gives my almost 22-year-old cat, Mikey, great companionship during the day while I'm in class at RPI. Keegan is so sweet and loving to all who enter my house and, regardless of his medical issues, I am so glad I took him home. He has made great improvements since being home. During his first trip to the vet, I had them take the left eye tumor to have histopathology determine whether it was cancerous. I was very grateful to hear from the vet that his eye tumor was non-cancerous.

Thank you for determining me an appropriate adopter for Keegan. He is more than a cat; he is part of my family. Keep doing everything you do to complete families with animals in need of loving homes.


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March 11, 2019