Hi! When our dog passed away in the spring of 2016 we decided no more dogs. It was so heartbreaking. In November 2016 we stopped in because my daughter had been asking for a new dog. We didn't want a puppy and have never adopted before, so we were a little nervous. We saw Bruce but he wasn't available yet. Then we went back three days later and he had been moved to PetSmart. We went up to see him and fell in love with him. My eight-year-old daughter and Bruce became fast friends, so we took him home with us. We changed his name to Jax. He has been the perfect addition to our family! He loves walks and car rides. He especially loves car rides to Starbucks for his pupachino! We are so thankful for him!!! We couldn't imagine life without him. He and my daughter are truly best friends.


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March 23, 2017