Hi everyone! Evie here. I know you remember me because I was cutest little girl at Pet Smart in Latham. Yup, I was adopted. As you can see, I got used to the good life fast, in my own bed. I'm growing up fast. And I even have a nickname now: I'm called Tuffy. It's because my big sister, the one peeking around the corner (her name is Kimmie), taught me how to walk like I'm tough. But I'm really just a sweet little girl that loves sleeping with Mom and Dad under the covers. I'm eating all my food and taking my vitamins every day so I grow up like Kimmie. I just wanted to let you all know I'm doing fine. I think I'll stay here if you don't mind. They seem like they need me here and I wouldn't want to disappoint them. Maybe I will stop by sometime and say hi. But if I don't, please don't be mad; Mom doesn't let me outside. She says I'll get lost and then I will be scared.


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Date Added
December 20, 2016