We adopted Bruno almost two years ago. When we found him, we were told that he and his sister lived with an elderly lady who had recently passed away. His sister had already been adopted and he had been sitting in the Clifton Park Petco for almost two months to find his forever home. At first my children were interested in another cat, but Bruno caught their attention with his playful attitude.

Bruno has been such a wonderful addition to our family. At times he can be a major primadonna and a bit bossy (he thinks he is the king of this castle). When we got him he was 11 pounds because he didn't eat well at the adoption clinic. Boy, has that changed! He is 18 pounds and full of energy, life and love. Especially at feeding time -- when he hears the alarm he is carrying on, purring, meowing and head-butting us. He really has a personality!

Thank you so much for helping us find him.

Katie C.

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Date Added
May 31, 2018