Hello, MHHS! I love my new home! My people love me very much. I am an only kitty, so I get a lot of attention. I have a big cat condo and a whole box of toys! It took me a little while to settle in, because I am very curious, and I live in a big four-bedroom house. I used to be a stray, I was taken to the Humane Society, and they fixed me up. I'm about to turn two, and I'm starting to settle down. I am mostly a therapy cat for my people's daughter. My name used to be Cashmere, but my owners changed it to Brittany. But, no one calls me that either! I go by Kitty. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on my fuzzy blanket by the heater. I love my new home!

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Date Added
January 30, 2017