We went in to the Menands shelter on New year's Day 2006. Our intention was to adopt a kitten, a new change in our house was needed. There were only cats available and we knew that wouldn't work with our 12 year old cat, Boo. He is a bit temperamental. I suggested to my husband that we check out the dog room. He was not in agreement. In the kennel, was a sweet little beagle, looking at me with big brown eyes. She and I made an instant connection. She had to come home with us. My husband was not so sure. After a few days, she settled right in to our home. She and my husband snuggle on the couch together every night. My 5 year old son is in love with her, they play everyday. I've never heard him laugh so much. Even my little Boo is coming around, he likes our new "Bella" Beagle too. Thank you all so much for all that you do!!


Date Added
March 26, 2006