I went to the shelter to see about adopting a 3 year old dog. After visiting with the dog, it was decided that it was not right for me. As we were leaving, all the dogs were barking and crying and we happen to turn around and found this little beagle just sitting in his cage staring at us not making a sound. We discovered he was 8 years old and just put there a week before. I fell in love instantly and adopted "Beagle Bailey" the next morning.

He is the most wonderful, best behaved, loving dog in the world. We now kid that we should have named him Shadow since he never leaves my side. He dances when I come home from being out and is just the best! Thank you to the shelter for all their help in finding a great dog to fit our life style and Bailey says thank you for finding him a great home with the best new "mommy and daddy".


Date Added
January 29, 2006