Hi, It has been just two weeks since we brought our new dog home from the Menands shelter. Her name was Ethel and we have since renamed her Abby. She has brought much joy to our home. Abby gets along with our older dog, Kemba, a Toy Poodle who is now 17 years old. Ben, our six-year-old cat from the shelter also, is now friends with Abby. Since we brought Abby into our home she has been nothing but wonderful. She is completely housebroken and has not had an accident in the house. We have a 20-month-old grandson who loves Abby as much as we do. Our grandson kisses and hugs Abby, and Abby gives him kisses right back. Abby loves to chew on her chew toys, and loves snacks like pig ears. She sleeps with us at night and is very protective of us all. Abby spends her days in and out, in the yard or on her favorite chair. She loves to chase squirrels up the tree in our yard. She has no bad habits, like digging, barking or biting. She is a real "gem." We are so lucky to have found Abby and brought her here to her forever home.



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Date Added
September 17, 2010