No dog deserves this pain
Help Asha Heal
You can help her start a new life

On Thursday, August 11, a 10- to 14-week-old puppy was brought to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS). Named Asha by MHHS, the dog had severe injuries and showed fractures and bruises in various stages of healing, a sign that the abuse happened over a period of time.  

Schenectady Police were initially called to the scene on Tuesday, August 9. They found Asha severely injured and unable to stand on her own. Animal Control promptly removed the dog and brought her to an emergency veterinarian, where she received critical lifesaving treatment. Asha is now stable and at MHHS, but will require intensive care on her journey to recovery.

Please consider a gift to support Asha and others just like her. Thank you!