What We Do

Spaying and neutering the best way to address pet over overpopulation. These procedures also have proven health benefits for pets, including reducing or eliminating the risk of certain types of illnesses. The Humane Society offers a low-cost spay/neuter program for people with limited income. Dogs and cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age, so don't wait for an accident to happen!


If your mother cat has a litter, we will spay her for free. All we ask is you keep mom and her kittens together for eight weeks. We will then provide all of the needed care and find loving homes for the kittens. You can keep mom and never have to worry about another unwanted litter. Call us to learn more at 518.886.9645. You do not need to income-qualify for this program.


Where are the spay/neuter clinics located and which animals do you serve?

Menands Animal Care Center offers services for cats, dogs and rabbits.

Saratoga Spay/Neuter Clinic offers services for cats, dogs and rabbits.

What is the cost and what's included?

All services require a non-refundable deposit. We will not refund for cancellations or requests to reschedule unless we receive notice no later than two business days before your appointment.


Cats | $90 includes rabies vaccine (mandatory unless proof of current vaccine provided)

Dogs | $155-$465 based on gender and size, includes rabies vaccine (mandatory unless proof of current vaccine provided). Please call for specific pricing. 

Rabbits | $150 male, $200 female


All pets receive a brief physical exam.


Program for Veterans

Together, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and Tri City Rentals are committed to helping veterans adopt and care for their pets by providing high-quality care and support services.

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Do you offer other services on the day of surgery?

Yes! We offer the following optional services:

Cats Dogs
Distemper Vaccine | $10 Distemper Vaccine | $15
FeLV/FIV Testing | $25 Heartworm Testing | $25
Flea Treatment | $10 Heartworm/Lyme Test | $35
Deworming | $10 Flea Treatment | $10
Microchip | $20 Microchip | $20


How do I know if I qualify?

You qualify for low-cost pricing if you currently receive public/government assistance, such as: 

Food Stamps - SNAP
Low-income Housing
Social Security Disability Income (SSI)
Other programs not listed
if your income falls at or below one of the categories below:

Household FY2019 Low-Income Limits
1 Person $50,350
2 Person $57,550
3 Person $64,750
4 Person $71,900
5 Person $77,700
6 Person $83,450
7 Person $89,200
8 Person $94,950


How do I request an appointment?

You may request an appointment by completing the form at the following link:


Request Appointment - Saratoga


Please Note: This is a REQUEST. MHHS staff will contact you to confirm if your desired date is available. 

Or call us at 518.886.9645

Do I need to submit any other information?

Yes, an application is required. You may download it now here: 


Application for Services 



You may complete your application in person on the day of service.
Please Note:  The application, qualifying proof and photo ID are REQUIRED. Qualifying proof can be the NYS Benefit Card. Proof of income can be in the form of two recent pay stubs, benefit statement, W-2 form or tax return. These must be submitted prior to, or on the morning of, surgery. Without these documents, you will be rescheduled.