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Protect your pet with ShelterCare Pet Insurance programs.
A $25 donation is made to MHHS when you enroll in a ShelterCare pet insurance program via this link.

Hill's Science Diet
We believe in
Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Donate a bed



  eBay Donations

MissionFish is an organization that works hand-in-hand with eBay to support non-profits throughout the country. Our membership with this group means you can sell items on eBay and have any portion of the proceeds (5% to 100%) donated to MHHS. This page explains the process.

See also the MHHS bio page.

You must use the bio link above and click on "Sell to support Mohawk Hudson Humane Society" in order to sell an item to benefit MHHS. If you try to use the regular selling process on eBay, it won't give you the charity option.


We accept New York deposit bottles and cans for redemption and recycling. This is a significant fundraiser for the shelter. Please drop them off at the shelter when convenient. Thank you!

We are unable to accept used toner cartridges.

  Other Products / Purchases

Join iGive.com, shop at 600+ stores and help the shelter. A percentage (up to 26%) of every purchase from your favorite online stores will be donated to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.
More: iGive.com