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Claiming Lost Pets

To locate a lost pet, call nearby shelters, rescue groups and your local Animal Control office. Also note Tips on Preventing Your Pet from Getting Lost.

The Society houses stray animals from Albany and Rensselaer counties. Lost pets are held for owners to claim at MHHS for five days if brought in without identification and seven days with identification. After the applicable redemption period has passed, the owner forfeits ownership of the animal and the animal may be adopted to a new home.

If your pet is at the shelter, you will need the following to redeem your pet:
  • Proof of current license (dogs only)
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination*
  • Driver's license or photo ID
  • Proof of ownership (such as a photo of the pet)

Dog owners may also be required to obtain a release from the clerk in the city or town where the dog was found before the dog can be released.

*If you do not have proof that your pet has a current rabies vaccination, one can be administered by the Society's veterinarian for an additional fee. A current rabies vaccination will be required to obtain a dog license.