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There is no fee to attend, although donations are greatly appreciated. Unless noted otherwise, programs are held in the Christine & George R. Hearst III Community Room at the Humane Society, 3 Oakland Avenue, Menands.

2018 Education Series

Date Time Location Topic Presenter Register
6:30-7:30pm MHHS Menands Pet Emergencies and Basic First Aid Tara Estra, DVM FULL
12-2pm MHHS Saratoga (4255 Rt 50) Bunny Ed: Caring for Domestic Rabbits Meg Brown, Bonnie Selke, Erica Winnie
12-2pm MHHS Menands Bunny Ed: Caring for Domestic Rabbits Meg Brown, Bonnie Selke, Erica Winnie
7-8pm MHHS Saratoga (4255 Rt 50) Pet Emergencies and Basic First Aid Tara Estra, DVM

You may also register for any class by calling us at 518-434-8128 ext. 207.

Presentation Descriptions

Bunny Ed: Caring for Domestic Rabbits
Meg Brown, Bonnie Selke, Erica Winnie
Topics include what you should know before adopting a rabbit, how rabbits differ from cats and dogs, how to help your bunny get comfortable in his/her new home, why a bunny needs to live inside and not in a hutch, why spaying/neutering is critical to your rabbit's health and behavior, housing, the best diet for optimal health, litter training, what his/her body language means, bunny-proofing your home, handling and petting, and vet care.

Cat Care 101
Tara Estra, DVM
Helpful for both new and experienced cat parents, this program will cover vaccinations, nutrition, grooming, play, enrichment and more.

Does My Dog Need Training?
Nancy Haynes, MHHS Director of Animal Behavior & Enrichment
Program will address questions related to dog training and behavior.

Dog Care 101
Tara Estra, DVM
Session will be valuable to new and experienced dog owners alike. Learn the facts about vaccines, the importance of a good diet, tips on care and grooming, and behavioral enrichment for dogs.

Living with Wildlife
Elena Rizzo, President, Into the Wild Inc.
Attendees will learn how to prevent common issues with wildlife and how to use cost-effective, humane solutions in the event of conflict. The presentation will also cover how and when to intervene to help injured and orphaned wildlife.

Pet Emergencies and Basic First Aid
Tara Estra, DVM
Program will cover how to identify pet emergencies, safe handling of an injured pet, and what first aid to administer until you can get to a veterinarian.

Take Action for Animals: Animal Legislation & Advocacy
Libby Post, Executive Director, New York State Animal Protection Federation
Participants will learn about current legislative efforts and how to can become an advocate for animals.

What to Expect When You're Expecting...a New Pet!
Nancy Haynes, MHHS Director of Animal Behavior & Enrichment
This session is perfect for the first-time pet owner and will address considerations for anyone looking to adopt a new animal companion.

Presenter Biographies

Meg Brown
Meg has been rescuing rabbits for over 18 years. She is a member of the Bunny Bunch and was an active member of the NYS chapter of the House Rabbit Society for 17 years. Her specialty is working with rabbits who have medical issues. Meg has adopted and lived with over 30 house rabbits and currently lives with 10 rabbits, including a tripod bunny and a partially paralyzed bunny. She has also rescued and adopted out numerous rabbits. She has cared for 11 paralyzed bunnies who have lived long and happy lives. Meg enjoys sharing the joys of bunnies as pets and teaching others how to properly care for their house rabbits.

Tara Estra, DVM
Dr. Estra is a graduate of Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has particular interests in small-animal nutrition, pain management, dermatology, internal medicine and behavior. Dr. Estra has been a guest lecturer at Veterinary Centers of America (VCA), the Capital District Veterinary Medical Society's continuing education program and Cornell. She has been an active volunteer with Guiding Eyes for the Blind since 1996, raising and training guide dog puppies and providing veterinary care for the Capital District region of Guiding Eyes. Dr. Estra spent eight years prior to veterinary school as an award-winning producer of television news and documentaries in New York City.

Nancy Haynes
Nancy began her career with animals as an animal control officer. She has been working hands-on with the animals at MHHS for more than a decade. Nancy has been integral to the development and management of rescue, foster and assessment programs, and is involved in all of the Society's cruelty investigation efforts. As the Director of Behavior & Enrichment, her focus is meeting the physical and psychological needs of the animals in our care. Nancy is also a Certified Obedience Trainer through ABTA (Animal Behavior & Training Associates), now known as ABC (Animal Behavior College), and is certified in the ASPCA's SAFER (Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming) Aggression Assessment.

Libby Post
Libby is Executive Director of the New York State Animal Protection Federation, the voice of the state's humane societies, SPCAs, animal shelters and animal welfare organizations. She is the president of Communication Services, a boutique political communications firm that specializes in libraries, health care, advocacy and electoral politics. She has a long history as an advocate and activist in the LGBTQ community and is founder of Empire State Pride Agenda. She is a commentator and regular panelist on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio's The Roundtable.

Elena Rizzo
The founder and president of Into the Wild, Inc., Elena Rizzo is dually licensed by the NYSDEC as a Class II rabies vector species certified wildlife rehabilitator and nuisance wildlife control operator. Elena owned and operated a humane wildlife control company for two years and worked as a communicable disease epidemiologist with New York State for more than 10 years, both prior to joining Animal Help Now as Research Director & Rehabilitator Liaison in 2014.

Bonnie Selke, LVT
Bonnie has had rescued rabbits since 2004, when a stray bunny was brought to the vet hospital where she works. She is an educator, transporter, webmaster and vice president for T.H.E. Rabbit Resource.

Erica Winnie
Erica has been a member of the House Rabbit Society for over 10 years. Since her start with HRS, she has helped rescue, foster and transport over 200 rabbits. She is the proud mom of a rescued black lab named Shadow and a bonded pair of female bunnies, Marble and Xena.